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Machete - 18" With Black Plastic Handle

Product Code: jwr-bl127f

Brand: Bellota

Manufacturer Code: BL127F

Lead Time: 3 days

$16.25(inc GST)


Machete - 20" With Wooden Handle

Product Code: jwr-bl31w23

Brand: Bellota

Manufacturer Code: BL31W23

Lead Time: 3 days

$17.68(inc GST)


Machete - Poly Handle

Product Code: jwr-flmachete

Brand: Falcon

Manufacturer Code: FLMACHETE

Lead Time: 3 days

$6.79(inc GST)


Machete 400mm Wooden Handle Cyclone

Product Code: cyc-m010010

Brand: Cyclone

Manufacturer Code: M010010

$29.87(inc GST)


Machete 450mm Plast Handle Gardenmaster

Product Code: cyc-m010005

Brand: Cyclone

Manufacturer Code: M010005

$13.09(inc GST)


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