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Atlas Diamond Saw Blades

Continuous Rim Blades - Angle Grinders

Segmented Blades - Angle Grinders

Turbo Blades - Angle Grinders


BearTex Surface Conditioning Belts

Cloth Floorsanding Belts

Metalite Cloth Belts

Metalite Cloth Belts - suit Multi-Tool

Metalite Cloth Belts R295

NorZon Cloth Belts

Norzon Cloth Floorsanding Belts

Clipper Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

Double Row Cup - Angle Grinders

Clipper Diamond Grinding Plates


Clipper Diamond Grinding Wedge Blocks

Diamond Wedge Blocks - Terrazzo Grinders

Clipper Diamond Saw Blades

Laser Welded Blade - Floor Saws

Laser Welded Blades - Angle Grinders

Laser Welded Blades - Brick Saws

Laser Welded Blades Asphalt - Demolition Saws

Laser Welded Blades General Purpose - Demolition Saws

Laser Welded Blades Premium - Demolition Saws

Laser Welded Blades Special G.P. - Demolition Saws

Segmented Blades - Core Cutting Brick Saws

Segmented Low Noise Blades - Brick Saws

Coated Abrasives

Adalox Orbital Sheets

Adalox Speedfile Sheets

Multi-Air Backing Pads

Multi-Air Starter Tin

SoftBak Sanding Sponges

Standard Abrasives Lock-it Discs

Standard Abrasives Lock-it Pads

Coated Accessories


Beartex Back-Up Pads

Fibre Disc Back up Pads

Speed-Lok Disc Holder Pads

SpeedGrip Converter Kits & Interface Pads

Speedgrip Multi-Air Back-up Pads

Stick 'n' Sand Backup Pads


Cut-Off Wheels

Aluminium Cut-Off Wheels

Brick Cutting and Road Saws

Extra Premium Depressed Centre Cut-Off Wheels

Extra Premium Metal Cut-Off Wheels

Flat Masonry Cut-Off Wheels

General Purpose Depressed Centre Cut-Off Wheels

General Purpose Metal Cut-Off Wheels

General Purpose Metal Depressed Centre

High Speed Petrol & Demolition Saws

High Speed Stationary Machines

Iron Free Inox Standard

Iron Free Standard Depressed Centre

Masonry Depressed Centre

Mega Inox Premium Depressed Centre

Mega Inox Premium Metal

Mega Inox Premium Ultra Thin Depressed Centre

Mega Inox Premium Ultra Thin Metal

Portable Chop Saw Wheels

Rail Cutting Wheels

Rhodius - Cut-Off Wheels

Rhodius - Masonry Cut Off Wheels

Toolroom - Premium

Toolroom Cutting Off Wheels - Premium

Ultra Thin for Pencil Die Grinders

Ultra Thin Medallion Automotive

Cutting-Off Machines

Diamond Dressing Tools

Diamond Dressers

Dressing Tools for Bonded Wheels

Diamond Grinding Discs

Granite | Marble Grinding Discs

Diamond Saw Blades

Cement Block and Paver Cutters - Segmented

Concrete and Clay Brick Cutters - Turbo

Premium Continuous Rim Tile Blades

Premium Quality Super Turbo Blades

Premium Segmented Tile Blades

Tile and Brick Cutters - Segmented Blade

Tile Cutters - Continuous Rim


Adalox Speed-Grip Discs

ASTRA Speed-Grip Discs

ASTRA Stick 'n' Sand Discs

Beartex Speed-Lok Discs

BearTex Surface Blending Discs

BearTex Surface Rapid Strip Speed-Lok Discs

Blue Mag PSA Discs

Durite Paper Discs

Durite Paper Speed - Grip Discs

Durite Screen - Back Discs

EDG-R Durite Cloth Back Floorsanding Discs

EDG-R Durite Paper Floorsanding Discs

Flap Discs - Aluminium Oxide

Flap Discs - Zirconia

Flap Discs - Zirconia (packaged)

Flexible - General Purpose

Flexible - General Purpose for Stainless Steel

Flexible - Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel

Metalite Fibre Discs

Metalite PLUS Fibre Discs

Multi-Air No-Fil Soft Touch Discs

Multi-Air No-Fil Speed-Grip Discs

No-Fil Film, NORaX Film Speed-Grip Discs

No-Fil Speed-Grip Discs

No-Fil Stick 'n' Sand Disc (in rolls)

No-Fil Stick'n'Sand Discs

NorZon Fibre Discs

NorZon Speed-Lok Discs

Rapid Strip Discs

Rapid Strip Speed-Lok Discs

Speed-Grip Discs - Giraffe

Tufback Durite Cloth Back Discs

Flap Discs

Flap Discs - Zirconia

Flap Wheels

Flap Wheels

Flap Wheels - 120g

Flap Wheels - 180g

Flap Wheels - 240g

Flap Wheels - 40g

Flap Wheels - 60g

Flap Wheels - 80g



14F1 CBN Wheels

Accessories - ZEC

Aluminium Depressed Centre Discs

Automotive Reconditioning Crankshaft Wheels

Chain Saw Resharpening Wheels

Depressed Centre Cotton Bonded Wheels

Dish Diamond Wheels

Dressing Sticks

Dressing Wheels

Flaring Cup CBN Wheels

Flaring Cup Wheels

Foundry Rough Grinding Flaring Cup Wheels

Foundry Rough Grinding Flaring Cup Wheels - Alum. Oxide

Foundry Rough Grinding Flaring Cup Wheels - Zirconia

Foundry Rough Grinding Plug Wheels - Cone End

Foundry Rough Grinding Plug Wheels - Round End

Foundry Rough Grinding Plug Wheels - Square End

Foundry Rough Grinding Straight Wheels

General Purpose Grinding Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

General Purpose Grinding Wheels Recessed - Aluminium Oxide

General Purpose Metal Depressed Centre Discs

General Purpose Saucer Shape Discs

General Purpose Straight Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

General Purpose Toolroom Flaring Cup Wheels

General Purpose Toolroom Grinding Wheels - Silicon Carbide

General Purpose Toolroom Grinding Wheels Recessed

Hand Finishing Sticks - Aluminium Oxide

Hand Finishing Sticks - Silicon Carbide

Hand Hones

Iron Free Inox Standard Depressed Centre Discs

Jointing Stones

Masonry Depressed Centre Discs

Masonry Saucer Shape Discs

Mega Inox Premium Discs

Mining Maintenance Straight Wheels

Moulder & Chipper Sharpening

Mounted Points A Shapes

Mounted Points W Shapes

Rail Grinding Wheels

Rhodius - Metal Grinding Wheels

Saw & Knife Sharpening Wheels


Single Point Diamond Dressers

Stone Trade Wheels

Straight CBN O|D Wheels

Straight Cup Wheels

Straight Diamond O|D Wheels

Straight Grinding Wheels

Tool Room Straight Cut Wheels

Toolroom Centreless Wheels|Control Feed Wheels

Toolroom Grinding Dish | Saucer Wheels

Toolroom Grinding Dish Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Grinding Flaring Cup Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Grinding Flaring Cup Wheels - High Performance

Toolroom Grinding Recessed Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Grinding Recessed Wheels - High Performance

Toolroom Grinding Straight Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Recessed Wheels - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Recessed Wheels - High Performance

Toolroom Segments Types SB, SE

Toolroom Straight Cup - Aluminium Oxide

Toolroom Surface & OD Grinding Wheels

Unfinished Dressing Sticks

Wedge Blocks

ZEC - Silicon Carbide Discs

Zirconia Wheels Depressed Centre



Mounted Points

A Shapes - Aluminium Oxide

B Shapes - Aluminium Oxide

Cotton Bonded - A Section

Cotton Bonded - B Section

Cotton Bonded - W Section

W Shapes - Aluminium Oxide


Bear-Tex Hand Pads

BearTex Floor Conditioning Pads


Calico Loose Leaf Buffs

Polishing Buffs

Polishing Compounds & Kits

Sisal Buffs

Stiched Rag Buffs

Tapered Spindles

Retail Packaged Bonded Products

Packaged Bench Grinding Wheels Grey Alox

Packaged Bench Grinding Wheels Silicon Carbide

Packaged Bench Grinding Wheels White Alox

Packaged Bench Sharpening Stones

Packaged Dressing Sticks

Retail Packaged Sharpening | Cleaning Stones

Retail Packaged Coated Abrasives

3x Sanding Sheets

3x Sponges

Cloth Backed Sanding Belts Handy Packs

Cloth Heavy Duty Discs

Garnet Sheets


Hand Sanding Sheets

Handy Pack Pads

Handy Pack Rapid Strip Discs

Metalite Fibre Discs Retail Packs

No-Fil Adalox Sheets

Orbital Sanding Sheets - Wood

Orbital Sanding Sheets Paint

Paper Backed Discs

Slotted Sanding Sheets

Speedgrip Detail Sanding Sheets

SpeedGrip Discs Handy Packs

SpeedGrip Sheets for GMC Machines

Synthetic Steel Wool Pads

Tufbak Durite Waterproof


2K Tufbak Waterproof Rolls

Adalox Rolls 50 Metre

Adalox Speed-Grip Roll

Bear Master Painters Rolls - 1 Metre

Bear Master Painters Rolls - 10 Metre

Bear Master Painters Rolls - Bulk Length

BearTex Rolls

Durite Cloth Back Floorsanding Rolls

Floorsanding Paper Rolls

Foothold Safety Tread Rolls

Garnet Rolls 50 Metre

Metalite Cloth Handy Rolls

No-Fil Adalox Rolls

No-Fil Adalox Rolls - 25 Metre Lengths

Rotolo Foam Rolls - Boxed

Tufbak Durite Waterproof Rolls


2K Tufbak - Waterproof Paper Sheets

Adalox Speed-Grip Detail Sander

Clarke Sheets

Double-Sided Floor Sheets

Garnet Sheets

Metalite Cloth Back

Metalite Cloth Sheets

No-Fil Adalox Paper Sheets - Dry Rub

No-Fil Orbital Sheets

No-Fil Sanding Sheets

No-Fil Speed-Grip Sheets Vacuum

No-Fil Stick'n'Sand Orbital Speedfile

Plasterer Sanding Sheets

Silverline Sheets

Speedgrip Detail Sanding Sheets

Tufbak Durite Waterproof Paper Sheets

Tufbak Durite Waterproof Sheets



Bear-Tex Convolute Wheels





Rear Disc Brake Piston Tools



Chuck Repair Kits


Water Dispensers

Feeler Strips

Garage Equipment


Metric Feeler Gauges

Tyre Gauges

Grit Stones


Guns & Parts

Wash Gun

Hex Key Sets

Hex Key Set


Kincrome Products

Mechanics Gloves

Oil Filter Wrenches

Leek Detector





Piston Ring Compressors

Plug Starters


Gear Pullers


Power Footpumps

Race Apparel

Ramps & Stands

Car Stands

Ring Compressors

Septone - Cleaners


Forest Pine

G M H Black

Garden Cologne

Glass Cleaners

Gold Label Metal-Link

Gold Label Sealers

Gold Label Strippers

Gold Label Wash & Shine

Graffiti Removers


Marine Clene

Metal Polish

Pink Magic

Power Clean

Pressure Clean



Spray Putty

Tyre Sheen

Wax & Grease Removers

Septone - Paints


Acrylic Thinner

All Purpose Thinners


Paint Stripper

Primer Filler

Primer Surfacer

Protecta Lube

Rapid Shine



Rubber Black

Rust - Prime

Rust Converter

Rust Proof

Rust Shield


Septone - Putties

Blade Putty

Sockets & Socket Accessories

Axle Nut Sockets

Spring Compressors


Stud Removers

Supatool Products

Tyre Inflators

Tension Wrenches


Circuit Testers



Analogue Wall Gauges Tyre Inflators

Digital Wall Gauge Tyre Inflators

Tyre Inflators

Tyre Levers

Chemicals & Cleaners

CRC - Automotive Cleaners

CRC - Electrical Cleaners

CRC - Food Industry Cleaners

CRC - Household Cleaners

CRC - Industrial Cleaners

CRC - Marine Cleaners

Deb Australia - Body Cleaners


Aromatherapy - Skin Care Range

Deb 1000 - 1 Litre Sealed Cartridge System

Deb 2000 - 2 Litre Sealed Cartridge System

Great White

Hand & Body Shampoos



Natural Lotion Soaps

Suprega Industrial Range

Deb Australia - Degreasers

Water Based

Deb Australia - Dispensing & Pump Systems

Wall Mounted Dispensers

Deb Australia - Film Removers

Deb Australia - Protection (Skin)

Suprega Industrial Range

Galmet - Cold Galvanizing

Galmet - DuraGal

Galmet - Metal Protection

Galmet - Rustpaint

Galmet - Spraypaint

Kitten - Automotive Cleaners


AQUA* Cartridge Soap System

Bag In Box Soap Systems


Disposal Units

Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue

MicroMist Air Care System

Toilet Seat Covers

WATCHMAN? Air Care System

Lightning - Automotive & Industrial Products

Degreasing Oils

Flash Wash




Lightning - Disinfectants





Lightning - Dispensers

Lightning - Hand & Skin Care

Barrier Cream

Face Of

Knock Off

Lightning - Hand Cleaners

Grime Goblin

Lightning Citrajell

Lightning Jell

Lightning Orange

Lightning Red Star

Lightning Scrubber

White Lightning

Lightning - Laundry Products

?Euca? Laundry Powder

?Fabo? Fabric Softener

Liquid Bleach

Super Soaker

Lightning - Lotion Soaps

Alcohol Hand Rub


Soft Soaps

Lightning - Surface Cleaners

Big J Cleansers

Dish Genie


Grime Goblin Degreasers


Window & All Surface Cleaners

Septone - Cleaners



Ali Brite

Armour Cologne


Bilge Cleaner


Bleach 4%

Bleach Concentrate 10%

Blue Heeler

Blue Lustre

Blue Sparkle

Boat Wash

Body Deadener|Brushcote (Brush On)

Boronia Blossom

Bright Bowl

Bright Loo

Bright Power


Car Shampoo


Carpet & Interior Cleaner

Caustic Soda


Chassis Black

Citrus Power


Cold Gal




Dishmate Liquid Detergents


Electrical Cleaning Solvent

Fibreglass Cutting Compound

Fibreglass Glaze

Fibreglass Polish Extra Cut

Fibreglass Polish Superfine

Fish Oil (Deodorised)






Lemon Oak

Lemon X-5

Lemon X-6

Magic Shine

Mango Wash - Powder

Methylated Spirits

Mineral Turps

Odour Fresh

Oxalic Acid

Pacific Breeze


Spray & Wipe

Spring Air


Stainless Steel Polish

Stone Shield



Super Gloss


Tag - Buster

Tw 20 Truck Wash

Tyre & Bumper Shine

Vinyl Shine

Wash & Wax

Wash Up

Waterproof Compound

Wheel & Tyre Cleaners

Wonder Blue

Wonder Soft

Wonder Wash


Septone - Dispensers And Wall Brackets

Carpet & Interior Cleaner


Wall Bracket

Wall Unit

Septone - Hand Cleaners

Citra Scrub


Lasting Earth Soap


Nature Clean

Orange Scrub

Protecta Gold

Protecta Grit

Protecta Pink

Protecta Shower Gel

Protecta Wash

Protecta White

Septone - Paints

Enamel Thinner

Etch Primer


Brady Australia - Clothing

Embroidered Emblems

Corporate Wear

Shoes - Blundstone


Boots - Blundstone

Dual Density Boots- Blundstone

Gumboots - Blundstone


Wool & Polyester Full Lined

Ladies Footwear

Shoes - Blundstone


Poly Cotton


Nylon Acrylic


Polar Fleece


Commercial Vacuums

Concrete Repair

Devcon - Metal Repair

Metal-Filled Epoxy

Devcon - Rubber Repair

Rubber Moulding



Bordo - Powercoil Clam Shell Packets


Metric Coarse

Metric Fine

Spark Plug Repair Kits



Bordo - Powercoil Thread Inserts

BSF Kits



Metric Coarse

Metric Fine

Spark Plug Repair Kits



Workshop Kits

Bremick - Anchors

Anchors - Chemical Capsules

Anchors - Chemical Stud Bolt - Galvanised

Anchors - Chemical Stud Bolts

Anchors - Chemical Stud Bolts - Zinc|Yellow

Anchors - Drop-In Anchors - Zinc

Anchors - Hollow Wall Anchors - Zinc

Anchors - Lipped Drop-In Anchors - Zinc

Anchors - Metal Pin Anchors

Anchors - Nail-In Nylon - Countersunk

Anchors - Nail-In Nylon Mushroom Head

Anchors - Nail-In Nylon Round Head

Anchors - Screw Anchors - Zinc

Anchors - Shield Anchors - Zinc

Anchors - Sleeve Anchor Eye Bolts - Zinc

Anchors - Sleeve Countersunk - Zinc

Anchors - Sleeve Flush Head - 316

Anchors - Sleeve Flush Head - Zinc

Bremick - High Tensile

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 5 (UNC)

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 5 (UNF)

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 8 (UNC)

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 8 (UNF)

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 8 (UNS)

Bolts & Nuts - Black - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Bolts & Nuts - Galvanised - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 5 (UNC)

Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 5 (UNF)

Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNC)

Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNF)

Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Bolts - Black - Grade 5 (UNC)

Bolts - Black - Grade 5 (UNF)

Bolts - Black - Grade 8 (UNC)

Bolts - Black - Grade 8 (UNF)

Bolts - Black - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Bolts - Zinc - Grade 5 (UNC)

Bolts - Zinc - Grade 5 (UNF)

Bolts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNC)

Bolts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNF)

Bolts - Zinc - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Set Screws - Black - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Set Screws - Zinc - Grade 5 (UNC)

Set Screws - Zinc - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Bremick - Low Tensile

Bolts & Nuts - Cuphead Galvanised - Metric

Bolts & Nuts - Cuphead Plain - Metric

Bolts & Nuts - Cuphead Zinc - BSW

Bolts & Nuts - Cuphead Zinc - Metric

Hex Nuts - Galvanised - BSW

Hex Nuts - Galvanised - Class 5 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Galvanised - Class 8 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Galvanised - Metric

Hex Nuts - Locknuts Flange Serrated Zinc|Yellow

Hex Nuts - Plain - Class 5 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Plain - Class 8 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Plain - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Nuts - Plain - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Nuts - Plain - Metric

Hex Nuts - Plain - UNC

Hex Nuts - Plain - UNF

Hex Nuts - Zinc - BSW

Hex Nuts - Zinc - Class 6 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Nuts - Zinc - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Nuts - Zinc - UNC

Hex Nuts - Zinc - UNF

Hex Nuts Plain - BSW

Plain - Grade 8 (UNS)

Bremick - Masonry

Anchors - Flat Cut Stud - Galvanised

Anchors - Flat Cut Stud - Zinc

Anchors - Gravity Toggle Round Head - Zinc

Anchors - Hollow Wall Plastic Toggle

Anchors - Plasterboard Plugs

Anchors - Sleeve Suspension - Zinc

Anchors - Sleeve with Nut - Galvanised

Anchors - Sleeve with Nut - Zinc

Anchors - Spaghetti Plugs

Anchors - Spring Toggle Cup Head - Zinc

Anchors - Spring Toggle Square Head - Zinc

Anchors - Suspension Tie Wires

Anchors - Through Bolts - Galvanised

Anchors - Through Bolts - Zinc

Anchors - Wall Plugs

Bremick - Mild Steel

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Galvanised - Grade 4.6 (Metric)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Plain - Grade 4.6 (Metric)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 2 (BSW)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Zinc - Grade 4.6 (Metric)

Set Screws - Zinc - Grade 4.6 (Metric)

Bremick - Nuts

Lock Nuts - Nylon Insert - BSW

Lock Nuts - Nylon Insert - Metric

Lock Nuts - Nylon Insert - UNC

Lock Nuts - Nylon Insert - UNF

Wing Nuts - Zinc - BSW

Wing Nuts - Zinc - Metric

Bremick - Rivets

All Aluminium Rivet Truss Head

All Steel Countersunk Head Rivets

All Steel Rivet Truss Head

Aluminium & Steel Flanged Head

Aluminium & Steel Grooved Rivets

Aluminium & Steel Rivets - Countersunk Head

Aluminium & Steel Rivets - Truss Head

Aluminium & Steel Truss Head

Aluminium Multigrip Truss Head

Aluminium Sealed Rivet Truss Head

Anodised Rivets

Cu-Ni & Steel Rivet Countersunk Head

Monel & Steel Rivet Countersunk Head

Monel & Steel Rivet Truss Head

Bremick - Screws

Chipboard - Countersunk Rib - Class 3

Chipboard - Countersunk Rib - Zinc Yellow

Coachscrews - Galvanised

Coachscrews - Zinc

Countersunk Rib Villaboard

Hex Head - Class 3

Lock Nuts Cone - Nylon Insert - UNC

Lock Nuts Cone - Nylon Insert - ZINC

Metal - Bugle Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Button Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Countersunk Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Countersunk Rib Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Hexagon Washer Head - Deep Driller

Metal - Hexagon Washer Head - Full Thread

Metal - Hexagon Washer Head - Top Grip

Metal - Hexagon Washer Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Pan Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Self Embedding Flower Head

Metal - Vortexroof Hexagon Washer Head

Metal - Wafer Head - Class 3

Metal - Wafer Head - Class 4

Metal - Wafer Head - Class 5

Metal - Wafer Head - Zinc Yellow

Metal - Wing Drill Countersunk Rib Head

Metal - Wing Drill Self Embedding Flower Head

Needle Point - Bugle Head

Needle Point - Button Head

Set Screws - Zinc - Grade 2 (BSW)

Timber - Bugle Batten - Class 3

Timber - Bugle Batten - Zinc Yellow

Timber - Countersunk Head - Zinc Yellow

Timber - Countersunk Rib Head - Zinc Yellow

Timber - Hexagon Washer Head - Cyclone Assemblies

Timber - Hexagon Washer Head - Full Thread

Timber - Hexagon Washer Head - Part Thread

Timber - Hexagon Washer Head - Top Grip

Timber - Hexagon Washer Head - Zinc Yellow

Timber - Pan Head - Zinc Yellow

Timber - Wafer Head - Class 3

Timber - Wafer Head - Class 4

Timber - Wafer Head - Class 5

Timber - Wafer Head - Zinc Yellow

Bremick - Stainless Steel

Anchors - Sleeve with nuts - 316

Rivets - Truss Head - Grade 304

Set Screws - Bugle Batten Screws - Grade 304

Set Screws - Hexagon Washer Head - Grade 304

Bremick - Structural

Bolts - Assembled Galvanised - Metric

Nuts - Galvanised - Metric

Nuts - Plain - Metric

Washers - Galvanised

Washers - Plain

Washers - Structural

Washers - Structural Galvanised

James Glen - Allen Keys

Stainless Steel

James Glen - Bits

Snake Eye Drive Bits - Stainless Steel

James Glen - High Tensile

Fine Pitch Hex Nuts Class 8 (Metric)

Hex Bolt Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Bolt Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Bolts & Nuts - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Bolts - Fine Pitch - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Bolts - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Bolts - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Bolts - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Bolts - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Bolts - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Bolts Only - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 8.8

Hex Bolts Zinc Plated - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Nuts - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Nuts - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Nuts - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Nuts Bulk - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Nuts Bulk - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Nuts Bulk - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Nuts Bulk - Grade 8 Zinc Plated (UNF)

Hex Nuts Bulk Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Nuts Bulk Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Nuts Class 8 (Metric)

Hex Nuts Class 8 Bulk (Metric)

Hex Nuts Grade 8 Zinc Plated (UNF)

Hex Nuts Met Class 8 Galvanised Bulk (Metric)

Hex Nuts Metric Class 8 Galvanised (Metric)

Hex Nuts Metric Class 8 Zinc Plated (Metric)

Hex Nuts Metric Class 8 Zinc Plated Bulk (Metric)

Hex Nuts Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Nuts Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Nuts Zinc Plated - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Set Screw Zinc Plated - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Set Screws - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Set Screws - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Set Screws - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Set Screws - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Set Screws - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.10

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.11

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.12

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.13

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.14

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.15

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.16

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.17

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.18

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.19

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.20

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.21

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.22

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.23

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.24

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.8

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

Hex Set Screws Fine Pitch - Grade 8.9

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 5

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNC)

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 5 (UNF)

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 8 (UNC)

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 8 (UNF)

Hex Set Screws Zinc Plated - Grade 8.8 (Metric)

James Glen - Post Socket Button Head Screws

Post Socket Button Head Screws - Grade 304

James Glen - Rivets

Stainless Steel

James Glen - Stainless Steel

Bits - Hex - Post Socket Bits

Bits - Hex Torx Post Bits

Bolts - Cup Head Square Neck - Grade 304

Bolts - Cup Head Square Neck - Grade 316

Bolts - Hex Head - Grade 304

Bolts - Hex Head - Grade 316

Bolts - Low Head Socket Domed - Grade 304

Circlips - E Type - Grade 304

Circlips - External - Grade 304

Circlips - Internal - Grade 304

Flat Washers Small Outside Diameter 433 - Grade 304

Hex Head Bolts - Grade 304

Nails - Flat Head - Grade 304

Nuts - Domed - Grade 304

Nuts - Domed - Grade 316

Nuts - Domed Acorn - Grade 304

Nuts - Fine Pitch Domed - Grade 304

Nuts - Fine Pitch Glenloch - Grade 304

Nuts - Fine Pitch Hex - Grade 304

Nuts - Fine Pitch Hex - Grade 316

Nuts - Flanged Hex Serrated - Grade 304

Nuts - Glenloch - Grade 304

Nuts - Glenloch Spring Pins - Grade 420

Nuts - Hex - Grade 304

Nuts - Hex - Grade 316

Nuts - Hex Coupling - Grade 316

Nuts - Hex Slotted - Grade 316

Nuts - Hex Socket Pressure Plugs - Grade 316

Nuts - Hex Weld - Grade 304

Nuts - Hump Back Split Pins - Grade 316

Nuts - Left Hand Thread - Grade 304

Nuts - Lock - Grade 304

Nuts - Lock - Grade 316

Nuts - Lock Nylon Insert - Grade 304

Nuts - Lock Nylon Insert - Grade 316

Nuts - Push - Grade 304

Nuts - Tee Prong Type - Grade 304

Nuts - Thin Type Nylock - Grade 304

Nuts - Vandal Proof Hex

Nuts - Wing - Grade 304

Nuts - Wing - Grade 316

Pins - Rolled Spring - Grade 420

Pins - Snap - Grade 304

Pins - Split - Grade 304

Pins - Split - Grade 316

Screws - Bugle Batten Screws - Grade 304

Screws - Button Head Socket - Grade 304

Screws - Button Head Socket - Grade 316

Screws - Cheese Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Cheese Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Countersunk Phillips Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Countersunk Phillips Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Countersunk Phillips Woodscrews - Grade 304

Screws - Countersunk Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Countersunk Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Countersunk Slotted Woodscrews - Grade 316

Screws - Countersunk Socket - Grade 304

Screws - Countersunk Socket - Grade 316

Screws - Eye Drive Countersunk - Grade 304

Screws - Eye Drive Pan Head - Grade 304

Screws - Fine Pitch Hex Set - Grade 316

Screws - Hex Coach - Grade 316

Screws - Hex Head Set - Grade 304

Screws - Hex Head Set - Grade 316

Screws - Hex Set - Grade 304

Screws - Hex Socket Domed - Grade 304

Screws - Hex Socket Domed - Grade 316

Screws - Hex Socket Set - Grade 304

Screws - Hex Socket Set - Grade 316

Screws - Mushroom Phillips Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Pan Phillips Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Pan Phillips Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Pan Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Pan Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Post Socket Button Head - Grade 304

Screws - Post Socket Countersunk - Grade 304

Screws - Round Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Round Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 316

Screws - Self Tapping Countersunk Phillips - Grade 304

Screws - Self Tapping Countersunk Phillips - Grade 316

Screws - Self Tapping Countersunk Slotted - Grade 316

Screws - Self Tapping Oneway Raised Countersunk - Grade 304

Screws - Self Tapping Pan Phillips - Grade 304

Screws - Self Tapping Pan Phillips - Grade 316

Screws - Self Tapping Raised Countersunk - Grade 304

Screws - Slotted Metal Thread - Grade 304

Screws - Thumb Screws - Grade 304

Screws - Torxpost Button Head - Grade 304

Screws - Torxpost Countersunk Head Screws - Grade - 304

Screws - Torxpost Countersunk Head Screws - Grade 304

Screws - U Drive - Grade 304

Screws - Wing - Grade 304

Studs - Engineering - Grade 316

Thread Rod - Allthread - Grade 304

Thread Rod - Allthread - Grade 316


Washers - Belleville - Grade 304

Washers - Countersunk Tooth Lock - Grade 304

Washers - Crinkle - Grade 301

Washers - Cup - Grade 304

Washers - Curved - Grade 304

Washers - Flat Round - Grade 304

Washers - Flat Round - Grade 316

Washers - Flat Small Outside Diameter 433 - Grade 304

Washers - Flat Washers 125 - Grade 304

Washers - Flat Washers 125 - Grade 316

Washers - Flat Washers 9021 - Grade 304

Washers - Flat Washers 9021 - Grade 316

Washers - Lock - Grade 304

Washers - Lock Washers - Grade 304

Washers - Serrated Lock - Grade 304

Washers - Serrated Lock - Grade 316

Washers - Spring - Grade 304

Washers - Spring - Grade 316

Riveting Tools

Riveting Tools - Spare Parts

Hardware & Electrical


Wall Brackets

Brady Australia - Circuit Breakers

Miniature Circuit Breaker L | out

Brady Australia - Letters & Numbers

Jumbo Letters & Numbers

Brady Australia - Line Marking

Aerosal Line Marking Paint

Brady Australia - Markers

Brady Australia - Numbers & Letters

15 Series Numbers & Letters

1570 Series Numbers & Letters

Bradylite Numbers & Letters

Brady Australia - Padlocks

AVA Padlocks

Brady Safety Padlock

Brady Steel Lockout Padlocks

Lockout Padlocks

Padlock Eyes

Padlock Management System

Security Padlocks

Brady Australia - Paints

Horizontal Paints

Paint Machine

Vertical Paints




1-11 - Fans

Hasp & Staples

Grade 316


Butt Hinges

Piano Hinges

Hydor - Fans

Insect Screening


Fibreglass Charcoal

Fibreglass Miniweave

Kincrome Products



Toggle Latches - Grade 304

Toggle Latches - Grade 305

Letterboxes & Stands




Lockwood-Padlock Accessories

General Purpose Padlock Accessories

Handy Lock Padlock Accessories

High Security Padlock Accessories

Maximum Security Padlock Accessories


Aluminium Body Padlocks

Contract Series Padlocks

General Purpose Padlocks

Handy Lock Padlocks

High Security Padlocks

Maximum Security Padlocks

Safety Lock Out Padlocks


Grade 316



Grade 316 (Brass Internal)

Pet Screening


Retractable Holder

Hose & Fittings

Jamec Pem - Adaptors

310 - 320 Series Adaptors

330 Series Adaptors

Adaptors - Female

Euro Adaptors

Instant Air Adaptors

Mini Adaptors

One Touch Series Adaptors

Pem Standard Series Adaptors

Jamec Pem - Bushes

Reducing Bushes

Jamec Pem - Clips

Carbon Steel Hose Clips

Jamec Pem - Couplings

310 Series Couplings

320 Series Couplings

324 Series Couplings

330 Series Couplings

340 Series Couplings

Auto Couplings

Euro Couplings

Hi Volume Couplings

Instant Air Couplings

One Touch Couplings

Standard Series Couplings

Jamec Pem - Elbows

Threaded Elbows

Jamec Pem - Hoses

Polyurethane Recoil Hose

PVC Air Hoses

Retractable Hose Reels

Self Storage Hoses

Self Storage Hoses with Swivel Fittings

Swivel Fitting Self Storage Hoses

Jamec Pem - Nipples

Hexagon Nipples

Jamec Pem - Sleeves

Jamec Pem - Sockets

Hexagon Reducing Socket

Jamec Pem - T Pieces

Barbed T Pieces

Threaded T Pieces

Jamec Pem - Tails

Double Ended Tails

Nuts & Tails

Swivel Tail Pieces

Tail Pieces - Female

Tail Pieces - Male

Jamec Pem - Taper Plugs

Hexagon Taper Plugs

Jamec Pem - Valves

Drain Cocks, Ball Valves & Manifolds

Safety Valves

Stop Flow Valves

Jamec Pem - Y Pieces

Brass Y Pieces




Industrial Brooms


Metal Buckets

Mop Buckets (Roller)

Plastic Buckets


Industrial Microfibre

Dusters, Dustpans & Bannister Brushes

Banister Brushes


Lobby Pans


Handles (Aluminium)

Handles (Brooms)


Mops (Cotton)

Mops (Dust Control)

Mops (Squeeze & Refills)

Paper Products


Sponges & Wipes

Lifting & Materials Handling


Grade 316


Cup Hooks

Dee Rings

Eye Plates

Fork Terminal Grade 316

Quick Links

Round Rings

S Hooks

Screw Eyes


Snap Hooks

Spring Hooks

Swage Eye Terminal Grade 316

Swage Stud Terminal Grade 316

Swivel Eyes

Swivel Jaws

Triangle Rings

Turnbuckle Eyes

Turnbuckle Hooks

Turnbuckle Jaws

Wire Eye Straps

Wire Rope Grips

Wire Rope Thimbles

Forklift Attachments

Buckets - Galvanised

Buckets - Painted

Bulk Bag Frames


Coil Hooks & Hook Options

Drum Handling

Grab Attachments


MPL Attachment Options

MPL Lifters

Pallet Hooks


Roll Prongs


Spreader Bars


Wheelie Bin Tipper

Hang Fast

Hang Fasts - Gripple

Hyraulic Jacks


Aluminium Planks

Aluminium Trestles & Planks

Builders Extension Ladders - Bmkd

Builders Single - 150kg Bmks

Double sided Step (Aluminium)

Dual Purpose

Extension (Al) - Galaxy & Orion

Extension Ladders - Fibreglass

Extension Ladders - Mote

Professional Contractor - Double sided

Professional Contractor - Single sided Step

Single Ladders - Fibreglass

Single Ladders - Mote

Single sided Step (Aluminium)

Single sided Step Ladders - Mote

Steel Ladders - Saturn & Big Top

Step Stools

Welded Alum Ladder - Spare Parts

Welded Aluminium - Order Pickers

Welded Aluminium Double sided Ladders

Welded Aluminium Ladder - Accessories

Welded Aluminium Platform Steps

Welded Aluminium Single sided Ladders


Eye Bolts

Eye Nuts

Safety Gates

Trucks & Trolleys

Trolleys - Easitilt

Trolleys - Large Refrigerator

Trolleys - Light Multi

Trolleys - Medium Duty

Trolleys - Multi Purpose

Trolleys - Small Refrigerator

U Bolts

Grade 316



Builders Assembled

Home Handyman

Kelso Wet Trade Tools

Light Builders

Wire Rope Grips

Wire Rope Grips

Lubricants & Lubrication Equipment

Alemite Lubrequip Products



Grease Nipples

Straight Stainless Steel


Grease Cartridge

Grease Guns

Oil Guns

Pom Pom Guns

Suction Guns


Molybond - Anti-Sieze

Molybond - Lubricant


Household Oils

Metal Oil Cans

Oil Cans


Asada - Threading Oils

Garrick - Soluble Oils

Rocol - Anti-Seize

Rocol - Bearing Grease

Rocol - Corrosion Control

Rocol - Crack Detection

Rocol - Metal cutting - Flood Applied

Rocol - Metal cutting - Hand Applied

Rocol - Metal cutting - Mist Applied

Rocol - Plumbing

Rocol - Power Transmission


Asada - Threading Machines

Belt Grinding

Linishall - Belt Grinding Accessories

Linishall - Belt Grinding Attachments

Linishall - Belt Grinding Machines

Bench Grinders






Wall Bracket


Band Saw Blades (Starrett)


Drill Chucks

Cold Saws

Bramley - Cold Saws

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Bandsaws




Industrial Tool & Machinery - Cutters

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Drill Bit Sharpeners

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Drill Presses

Drillmate Drill Presses

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Drilling Machines

Accessories & Parts

Auto Feed - Geared Head

Bench & Floor Drills - Heavy Duty

Geared Head

Portable Magnetic Based

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Drills

Steelmaster - Spiral Step Drill

Twist Drill (Imperial)

Twist Drill (Metric)

Twist Drill Adaptors (Imperial)

Twist Drill Adaptors (Metric)

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Fluids

Metal Working Fluid

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Friction Saws


Industrial Tool & Machinery - Grinders

Grimax - Industrial Belt Grinders

Grimax - Industrial Bench Grinders

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Holemakers

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Metal Cutting Coldsaws

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Meters

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Pins

Pilot Pins

Pilot Pins To Suit Extension Arbors



Sheetmetal Curving Rolls

Bramley - Sheetmetal Curving Rolls

Sheetmetal Folders

Bramley - Sheetmetal Folders

Swage, Jenny & Wiring Machines

Bramley - Swage, Jenny & Wiring Machines

Threading Machines

Asada - Bolt Threading Machines

Asada - Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

Safety Products

ABW - Protection (Eyes)

Barricade Tapes


Blundstone - Protection (Feet)

Rubber Boots

Safety Boots


Brady Australia - Accessories

Blank Starter Kit

Bls 1200

Bls 1200 Cleaning Kit

Bls 1200 Laminating System

Brady Australia - Adhesives

Brady Australia - Barricade Tapes

Brady Australia - Barricade Tapes - Economy

Brady Australia - Barriers

Barrier Boards

Brady Australia - Bollards

Brady Australia - Brackets

Brady Australia - Cabinets

Brady Australia - Cable Protectors

Brady Australia - Caster Legs

Brady Australia - Chain

Warning Chain

Warning Chain & Guide Posts

Brady Australia - Cones


Econ-O-Cone Safety

Traffic Cones

Brady Australia - Connect Links

Connect Links to suit post

Brady Australia - Conservation & Recycling

Conservation & Recycling

Brady Australia - Education

Australian Safety Booklets

Emergency Info Equipment

Environmental Managment Program

Safety Management & PPE

Safety Management System

Brady Australia - Fire Blankets

Brady Australia - Fire Extinguishers

Brady Australia - First Aid Kits

Emergency Wall Mount First Aid

First Aid Wall Mountable Kit

Portable First Aid Kit

Vehicle First Aid Kit

Brady Australia - Floor Coatings

Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Brady Australia - Gate Barricades

Brady Australia - GlobalMark Accessories

Brady Australia - GlobalMark Printers

Brady Australia - GlobalMark Ribbon

Brady Australia - GlobalMark Tapes

Brady Australia - Handimark Accessories

Brady Australia - Handimark Ribbon

Brady Australia - Handimark Tapes

Brady Australia - Hazard Communication Station

Brady Australia - Hooks

Hooks to suit Warning Chain

Brady Australia - Indicators

Tactile Direction Indicators

Tactile Warning Indicatiors

Brady Australia - Labels

2- Piece Q.A. - Action Labels

Adhesive Labels

Calibration & Inventory Labels

Dangerous Goods Labels

Fluorescent Shipping Labels

Jumbo Write On Labels

Lockout Labels

No Smoking Labels

Q A Label

Safety Hard Hat Labels

Self Debossing Aluminium Foil Labels

Shipping Labels

Slogan Hard Hat Labels

Small Stick On Labels

Small Stick-On Labels

THT Labels

Brady Australia - Laboratory Solutions







































Brady Australia - Legs

Extension Legs

Brady Australia - Lights

Roto Lights

Brady Australia - Lock Boxes

Brady Australia - Lock In Frames

Brady Australia - Lockouts

2 Part Lock-Outs


Adjustable Gate Valve Lockouts

All Purpose Cable Lockouts

Combination Lockouts

Dual Level Safety Lockouts

Economy Lockout Jaws

EZ Panel Loc

Labelled Lockout Hasps

Lock Out Stations

Lockout | Tagout

Lockout Hasps

Lockout Kits

Lockout Station Component Kit

Lockout Tagouts

Mini Cable Lockouts

Plug Lockout Device

Safety Lockout Jaws

Universal Valve Lockout Devices

Brady Australia - Locks

Lock Lubricant Sprays

Brady Australia - Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic Number Kits

Brady Australia - Markers

Brady Line Marker

Brady Paint Markers

Cable Only

Circle & Arrow Markers

Fire Markers

Floor Markers

Hazard Markers

Mine Marking Handle

Restricted Area Floor Markers

Safety Floor Markers

Safety Stair Markers

Stainless Steel Marking

Stop Floor Markers

Supplementary Markers

Supplementary Marking

Brady Australia - Marking Machines

4 Wheel Line Marking Machine

Brady Australia - Matting

Brady Australia - Mirrors

Safety Mirrors

Safety Slogan Mirrors

Brady Australia - Padlocks

Personal Padlock Pouch

Brady Australia - Panels

Warning Panels

Brady Australia - Pictograms


Pictograms s for Cones

Prohibition Pictograms

Brady Australia - Pins

Safety Badge Lapel Pins

Brady Australia - Pipemarkers

Hi-Visibility Pipemarkers

Large Pipemarkers

Pipe Marker - Hi Vis

Pipe Marker - Large

Pipe Marker - Medical

Pipe Marker - Medium

Pipe Marker - Small

Pipe Marking Wall Chart

Pipemarkers - Hi Vis

Roll Form Pipe Marker

Self Stick Pipemarkers

Small Pipemarkers

Supplementary Pipemarkers

x-Large Pipemarker

Brady Australia - Posters

Safety Awareness Posters

Brady Australia - Posts

Guideline Posts

Tensabarrier Posts

U-Channel Sign Posts

Brady Australia - Power Supply

AC Power Supply

Brady Australia - Prints

Foot Prints

Brady Australia - Protection (Eyes)


Brady Australia - Protection (Head)


Hard Hats

Brady Australia - Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment & Procedure Holders

Brady Australia - Protectors

Brady Australia - Ribbon

THT Ribbon

Brady Australia - Ribbons

Powermark Ribbons

THT Ribbons

Brady Australia - Ropes

Plastic Barrier Ropes

Brady Australia - Safes

High Security Key Safes

Brady Australia - Safety Banners

Brady Australia - Safety Management

Scaftag Safety Management System

Brady Australia - Sealers

Edge Sealers

Brady Australia - Signage

Access Signs


Admittance Signs

Aisle Signss

Arrow Symbols

Asbestos Signs

Battery Charging Signs

Black On Clear

BradyGlo Exit Signs

Braille Signs

Building Site Signs

Caution Signs

Control Traffic Speed

Danger Signs

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Placards

Deluxe No Smoking Signs

Directional Arrow

Directional Signs

Disabled Signs

Double Sided Signs

Electrical Hazard & Confined Space

Electrical Signs

Emergency & Evacuation Signs

Emergency Info Signs

Emergency Information Signs

Emergency Signs

Entry & Overhead Signs

Evacuation & Emergency Signs

Exit & Evacuation Signs

Fiberglass Signs

Fire Equipment Signs

Fire Safety Signs

Fire Signs

First Aid Signs

Flanged Wall Signs

Floor Signs

Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety Signs

Gate & Garden Lawn Signs

Hazard Signs

Hazardous Substance Signs

Hazchem Signs

Identoline Detectable

IMO Standard Signs

Ink Jet Sign Blanks

Landscape Signs

Lockout | Tagout Signs

Lockout Signs

Machinery & Operational Signs

Mandatory Signs

Manual Handling | Injury Avoidance Signs

Manual Handling Signs

Mining Danger Signs

Mining Signs - Mandatory

Mining Signs - Prohibition

Mining Signs - Warning

MSDS Signs

Multiple Condition Signs

Multiple Warning Signs

No Smoking | Flammable Signs

No Smoking Signs

No Standing Signs

Notice Signs

Overhead Signs

Parking Signs

Personal Protection Signs

Please Signs

Prohibitioin Signs

Prohibition Signs

Quality Assurance Signs

Quarantine Signs

Recycle Signs

Red On Clear

Reflective Tapes

Restricted Area Signs

Road Signs

Safety Awareness Signs

Safety First Signs

Safety Floor Signs

Safety Stop Station

Scissor Action Hasp

Security Notice Signs

Semi-Custom Overhead Signs

Semi-Custom Warehouse Signs

Sign Brackets

Sign For Tall Floor Stand

Sign Holders

Sign Panels (Clear)

Sign Panels (White)

Sign Panels (Yellow)

Site Safety

Site Safety & Security

Smoking Area

Smoking Permitted Signs

Table Top Signs

Think Quality Signs

Think Safety Signs

Think Tidy Signs

Traffic & Parking Signs

Traffic Signs - Directional

Truck Signs

Used Oil Signs

V Signs

Vehicle & Truck Identification Signs

Warehouse & Loading Dock Signs

Warehouse Signs

Warning Signs

Warning Triangle Kits

Water Safety Sign (Pictogram Only)

Water Safety Signs

White On Clear

Write On Signs

Brady Australia - Software

Quality Manager Database S | W

Brady Australia - Spill Control

Spill Control

Brady Australia - Stakes

Zinc Plated Metal Stakes

Brady Australia - Stands


Deluxe Floor Stands

Floor Stand-Double Sided

Floor Stands

Single Sided Floor Stands

Tall Floor Stands

Tripod Sign Stands

Brady Australia - Stencils

Car Park Stencils

Safety Stencils

Stencil Spray Inks

Brady Australia - Suggestion Boxes

Employee Suggestion Box

Employee Suggestion Forms

Brady Australia - Surface Coating

Sure Tread Clear Surface Coating

Surface Primers

Brady Australia - Surveillance Cameras & Signage

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance Cameras & Signs

Brady Australia - Tags

2-Part Production Status Tags

Accident Prevention Tags

Aluminium Write-On Tags

Appliance Test Tags

Blank Inventory Tags

Blank Sign Panel

Brass Id Tags

Confined Space Tags

Equipment Service Tags

Equipment Servicing Tags

Inkjet | laser Tags

Lockout Tags

Lockout Tags - Single Use

Mat'L Cont. Tags

Pipe Identification Tags

Ppe Tool Tags

Production Status Tags

Quality Control Action Tags

Safety Tag Centre

Self Locking Tags

Tags For Accident Prevention

Two Part Status Tags

Valve Tags

Brady Australia - Tapes

Aisle Tapes

Aluminium Foil Tapes

Anti-Slip Tapes

Arrow Tapes

Construction Wiring Tapes

Detactable Mesh Tapes

Economy Line Marking Tapes

Economy Pipe Banding Tapes

Extreme Tapes

Hazard Stripe Anti-Slip Tapes & Treads

Hazchem Signs

Heavy Duty Barricade Tapes

Identoline U | Ground Warning Tapes

Labelizer | Versaprinter Tapes

Labelizerplus | Versaprinter Tapes

Line Marking Tapes

Pennant Barricade Tapes

Pipe Banding Tapes

Plastic Flagging Tapes

Powermark Tapes

Reflective Barricade Tapes

Reflective Night Tapes

Reflective Tapes

Shipping Tapes

Stainless Steel Tracer Tapes

Standard Barricade Tapes

Tamper Resistant Tapes

Trip Prevention Tapes

Tunnel Tapes

Underground Tapes

Visual Warning Tapes

Warning Tapes

Brady Australia - Ties

Nylon Ties

Brady Australia - Wallcharts

Cooper Tools - Protection (Body)


Deb Australia - Body Cleaners

Suprega Industrial Range

Deb Australia - Protection (Skin)


Suprega Industrial Range

Hydor - Hand Dryers

MSA - AEARO Products


MSA - Air Movers

MSA - Calibration Equipment


MSA - Chemical Clothing




MSA - Cleaning Products

MSA - Combustible Indicators

MSA - Compressors

Airline Filters

MSA - Detector Tubes, Pumps & Dosimeter Tubes

Accessories & Spare Parts


MSA - Disposable Clothing







MSA - Electrochemical Indicators

MSA - Fall Arrest Equipment


Horiz Life Line

Lanyard Rope

Shock Absorbers

MSA - First Aid Kits

MSA - Gas Indicators

Accessories & Spare Parts



MSA - Gotchasafe Products

MSA - Heat Resistant Clothing

MSA - Lanyards & Restraint Lines

12Mm Polyester Rope


Lanyard Rope

MSA - Mining

Miners Belts

MSA - Miscellaneous Items

Canvas Bags

MSA - Misellaneous

MSA - Orion

Accessories & Spare Parts

MSA - Oxygen Indicators

MSA - Oxygen Sensors

MSA - Peltor Products

Boom Mic Headsets



Hygiene Kits


MSA - Personal Sampling Pumps

MSA - PID Passport

MSA - Portable Instruments

MSA - Protection (Body)

Aprons (Leather)

Aprons - Food Industry

Aprons - Pvc

Body Cooling Devices



Flying Jackets

Freezer Coats - Food Industry

Freezer Trousers - Food Industry

Hi Viz - Bombers

Hi Viz - Breathable Parkers

Hi Viz - Jackets

Hi Viz - Overpants (Day Only)

Hi Viz - Overpants (Day-Night)

Hi Viz - Polo Shirts

Hi Viz - Vests

Hi Viz - Vests (Day Only)

Hi Viz - Vests (Day-Night)

Hi Viz - Vests (Day|Night)




Rainwear - Breathable Jackets

Rainwear - Breathable Trousers

Rainwear - Padded Shirts

Rainwear - Raincoats (3|4)

Rainwear - Raincoats (Long)

Rainwear - Raincoats (Set)

Rainwear - Raincoats (Waist Zip)

Rainwear - Splashsuits

Rainwear - Trousers

Rainwear - Vests


Sleeves - Food Industry


Weld Jackets

MSA - Protection (Ears)

Accessories & Spare Parts


Earplugs (Disposable)

MSA - Protection (Eyes)

Accessories & Spare Parts - Headbands

Accessories & Spare Parts - Lens

Accessories & Spare Parts - Neckbands

Eyewear Accessories


Goggles - Exvue

Goggles - Flexfit

Goggles - Flexifold

Goggles - Flexiplus

Goggles - Flexituff

Goggles - Jockeys


Spectacles - Arctic

Spectacles - Clipons

Spectacles - Cool Blooz

Spectacles - Discovery

Spectacles - Eclipse

Spectacles - Glacier

Spectacles - Litefit

Spectacles - Nullarbor

Spectacles - Overspec

Spectacles - Platinum

Spectacles - Premier

Spectacles - Supervue

Spectacles - Tanami

Welding Eye Protectors

Welding Lenses

MSA - Protection (Face)

Beard Covers - Food Industry

Faceshields - Complete

Faceshields - Visors

MSA - Protection (Feet)

Boots - Food Industry

Gumboots - Food Industry

Shoe Covers - Food Industry

Shoes - Food Industry

MSA - Protection (Hands)


Gloves - Food Industry

Gloves - Pvc

Gloves - Pvc (Litegrip)

Gloves - Pvc (Metalgard)

MSA - Protection (Head)


Caps - Advance

Caps - Bump Caps

Caps - Coolgard

Caps - Elite

Caps - Food Industry

Caps - Snugfit

Caps - Vgard

Fire Helmets

Firemans Helmets

Hats - Vgard

Helmets - Replacement Suspension

Mining - Accessories

Mining - Minespot Charging Equipment

Mining - Minespot Lamps

Spare Parts & Accessories

MSA - Protection (Respiratory)

Breathing Apparatus - Accessories Scba

Cylinders - Complete

Dustfoe 88 Respirators & Filters

Filter Self Rescuer - Accessories

Filter Self Rescuer Devices

Hose Mask & Spare Parts

Lifegard Escape Scba

Mask Communication System

Mask Communication Systems

Miscellaneous Products

Oxygen Analysers

Oxygen Self Rescuer - Accessories

Oxygen Self Rescuer Devices

Pass Devices

Pass Devices - Accessories

Respirators (Disposable) - Affinity

Respirators (Disposable) - Basic Range

Respirators (Disposable) - Tornado

Respirators (Full Face)

Respirators (Full Face) Accessories

Respirators (Full Face) Filters

Respirators (Full Face) Spare Parts

Respirators (Half Face)

Respirators (Half Face) Filters

Respirators (Half Face) Spare Parts

Respirators - Air Fed

Respirators - Air Fed Accessories

Respirators - Escape

Respirators - Powered Air

Respirators - Powered Air (Spare Parts)

Respirators - Powered Air Filters

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Test Kits

MSA - Stretchers

MSA - Textile Products


Horiz Life Line

Lanyard Rope

Pole Safety Belts

Pole Straps

Rescue Kits

Roof Worker Kits

Strap Anchor Webbing

Vertical Lifeline Kits

MSA - Thermal Imaging Cameras

MSA - Torches & Flashlights

MSA - Training

First Aid Training

MSA - Virkon

Norton - Protection (Body)

Disposable Overalls

Norton - Protection (Ears)

Ear Muffs

Ear Plugs

Ear Valves

Norton - Protection (Eyes)


Safety Spectacles

Norton - Protection (Hands)


Gloves - Chemical

Gloves - Garden

Gloves - Paint

Gloves - PVC

Gloves - Rigger

Gloves - Rubber

PVC Gloves

Norton - Protection (Head)


Hard Hats

Norton - Protection (Respiratory)

Ammonia Filters

Dust Masks

Exhalation Valves

Head Straps

Inhalation Valves

Organic Vapour Filters

Pesticide Filters


Vapour Filters

Paramount Safety - Protection (Body)


Back Support Belts

Cooling neck ties










Paramount Safety - Protection (Ears)

Ear Plugs

Paramount Safety - Protection (Eyes)


Safety Browguards|Visors

Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Safety Spectacles

Paramount Safety - Protection (Face)

Lip Balm


Paramount Safety - Protection (Hands)


Hard Hats

Sun Hats

Paramount Safety - Protection (Head)


Sun Hats

Paramount Safety - Protection (Respiratory)


Half Face Respirators

Safe-T-View - Mirrors


For All Weather - Heavy Duty

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

For Indoor Use

Septone - Protection (Skin)

Bloc Bite 16

Bloc Bite 17

Protecta Body-Guard 30+

Protecta Care

Protecta Guard

Protecta Plus

Protecta Screen 16

Protecta Screen 17

Protecta Screen 18

Protecta Sunblock 30 +

Sheffield Blades - Protection (Knee)

Knee Pads

Taffic Cones



Blue Wrap Coverings

Foam Masking Tape

Rapid Mask Tape Applicator

Storage & Waste Management


Commercial - Spill Bins

Outdoor Bins - Metal

Outdoor Bins - Plastic

Bins & Bin Options



Brady Australia - Cigarette Bins

Cigarette Ash Bin

Cigarette Litter Bins


Civic Frames & Inserts




Drum Storage Systems


Plastic Storage


Tool Boxes

Smokers Stands

Tapes & Packaging

Norma - Strapping


All Purpose Cloth Tapes

Body Mould Repair Tapes

Double Sided Tape All Weather Tapes

Duct Tapes

Electrical Tapes

Flashtac Aluminium Tapes

Gaffer Tapes

High Temperature Automotive Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes - Low Tack Delicate

Painters Tapes - Painters Green

Polypropylene Packaging Tapes


Thread Sealing Tapes

Tools - Air

Angle Bradder

Angle Grinder Kits

Austech Industries - Air Dryers

Austech Industries - Compressors

12 Volt Compressors

Belt Drive Compressors

Direct Drive Compressors

Electric Stationary Compressors


Austech Industries - Workshop Packages


Air Saw Blades


Chicago Pnuematic Products


Die Grinders

Angle Die Grinders



Frame Nailer


Hitachi - Air Compressors

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Accessories

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Air Hose

Nylex Nyla Air Hose

Nylex Super Ultra Flex

Recoil Hoses

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Coupler Seals

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Couplers

Industrial Tool & Machinery - CTC

Die Grinders




Metal Shears

Needle Scalers


Ratchet Wrenches



Screw Drivers

Wonder Guns


Industrial Tool & Machinery - Die Grinders

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Drills

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Filter Regulators


Industrial Tool & Machinery - Flux Chipper

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Grinders

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Guns

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Hammers

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Impact Sockets

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Manifolds


Industrial Tool & Machinery - Needle Scaler

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Nibbler

Industrial Tool & Machinery - NPK




Dia Cutters


Drills - Morse Taper (Reversible)

Drills - Non Reversible

Grinders - Angle

Grinders - Cns

Grinders - Straight

Grinders - Verticle

Hammers - Chipping

Hammers - Flux Scaling

Hammers - Scaling

Hoists - Pendant Control

Hoists - Pull Cord

Impact Wrenches (Clutch Hammer)

Impact Wrenches (Low Vibration)

Impact Wrenches (Single Hammer)

Impact Wrenches (Twin Hammer)

New Kelens

Sand Rammer


Sanders - Wire Brush

Screw Drivers - Cushion Clutch

Screw Drivers - Impact Type

Stone Scapper



Wrenches - Angle Impact

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Rivetters

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Sanders

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Sockets

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Spray Guns


Spray Gun

Star Spray Guns - Gravity Feed

Star Spray Guns - High Volume Low Pressure

Star Spray Guns - Low Pressure

Star Spray Guns - Pressure Pot Outfits

Star Spray Guns - S710 Series

Star Spray Guns - S770-S Series

Star Spray Guns - Touch Up

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Tool Oil

Pilot Pins

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Ventilators

Portable Ventilators

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Wrenches



Ingersoll Rand - Compressors

Cast Iron Compressors

Jamec Pem - Compressors

Aluminium Compressors

Jamec Pem - Filters & Regulators

Kincrome - Air Compressors

Kincrome Products



Sand Blaster



Scorpion - Air Tools

Scorpion - Angle Grinders

Scorpion - Cutting Tools

Scorpion - Drills

Scorpion - Impact Wrenches

Scorpion - Needle Scalers

Scorpion - Pop Rivetors

Scorpion - Ratchet Wrenches

Scorpion - Sanders | Polishers

Scorpion - Spray Guns


Sidchrome - Die Grinders

Sidchrome - Drills

SP - Air Dusters

SP - Air Fittings

104 Series Interchange Ryco Type

Hi Flow Series Interchange Nitto Type

Retail Packaged

SP - Air Hacksaw Blades

SP - Air Hoses

SP - Air Tool Oil

SP - Chisel Guns


SP - Compressor Hardware

SP - Drill Chucks & Keys

SP - Drills

SP - Filters | Regulators| Lubricators

SP - Grinders

Die Grinder Colletts

SP - Hose Reels

SP - Impact Wrenches

SP - Motors

SP - Needle Scalers

SP - Nibblers

SP - Polishers

SP - Pumps

SP - Ratchet Wrenches

SP - Sanders


SP - Saws

SP - Screwdrivers

SP - Shears

Staple Kit




Supatool Products

Spray Guns

Staple Guns


Imapct Wrenches - Butterfly

Impact Wrenches

Tools - Cutting, Milling, Threading & Reaming



Hole Saw Arbors

Industrial Arbors

Auger Bits - Extension

Auger Bits - Long

Auger Bits - Medium

Auger Bits - Short


Eyed Augers

Machine Augers

Wagon Bits


Burr - Sets

Burrs - 14 deg (including Angle)

Burrs - 6" Shank

Burrs - 8 deg (including Angle)

Burrs - Ball Shaped

Burrs - Cylindrical

Burrs - Flame Shaped

Burrs - Inverted Taper

Burrs - Non Ferrous

Burrs - Oval Shaped

Burrs - Pointed Cone

Burrs - Tree Pointed

Burrs - Tree Radius Nose

Burrs Cylindrical

Burrs Cylindrical - Ball Nose

Burrs Cylindrical - End Cutting

Burrs Cylindrical End Cutting

Cylindrical Burrs


Counterbore Drills


Countersink Sets

Countersink Single Flute

Countersink Single Flute - Tinite

Countersink Three Flute

Countersink Three Flute - Tinite


Deburrers - Sets

Deburrers - Tinite



Cutter Sharpening

Portable Metal Cutting Saws

Sheet Metal Cutters

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (Metacore Max)


Cabon Button Dies UNF

Carbon Button Die BSPT

Carbon Button Die Metric Coarse

Carbon Button Die NPT

Carbon Button Dies BSF

Carbon Button Dies BSPF

Carbon Button Dies BSPT

Carbon Button Dies BSW

Carbon Button Dies Conduit

Carbon Button Dies Metric Coarse

Carbon Button Dies Metric Fine

Carbon Button Dies NPT

Carbon Button Dies Spark Plug

Carbon Button Dies Spark Plugs

Carbon Button Dies UNC

Carbon Button Dies UNF

Carbon Die Nuts BSF

Carbon Die Nuts BSPF

Carbon Die Nuts BSW

Carbon Die Nuts Conduit

Carbon Die Nuts Metric Coarse

Carbon Die Nuts Metric Fine

Carbon Die Nuts Spark Plug

Carbon Die Nuts UNC

Carbon Die Nuts UNF

Carbon Dies Nuts Metric Coarse


Centre Drills

Glass & Tile Drills

Jobber Drill Sets - Blue

Jobber Drill Sets - Bright

Jobber Drill Sets - Cobalt

Jobber Drills - Blue (Imperial)

Jobber Drills - Blue (Metric)

Jobber Drills - Bright (Imperial)

Jobber Drills - Bright (Metric)

Jobber Drills - Cobalt (Imperial)

Jobber Drills - Cobalt (Imperial) Bulk

Jobber Drills - Cobalt (Metric)

Jobber Drills - Cobalt (Metric) Bulk

Jobber Drills - Cobalt Deep Hole (Metric)

Jobber Drills - Wire Gauge Number

Long Series Drills (Imperial)

Long Series Drills (Imperial) Bulk

Long Series Drills (Metric)

Long Series Drills (Metric) Bulk

Masonry Chisels - SDS Max

Masonry Chisels - SDS Multi Fit

Masonry Chisels - SDS Plus

Masonry Drills - Double Brick

Masonry Drills - SDS Max

Masonry Drills - SDS Multi Fit

Masonry Drills - SDS Multi Fit 4 Cut

Masonry Drills - SDS Plus

Masonry Drills - Single Brick

Masonry Drills - Standard

Masonry Drills - Universal

Panel Drills - Double Ended (Black)

Panel Drills - Double Ended (Bright)

Panel Drills - Single Ended (Black)

Panel Drills - Single Ended (Bright)

Reduced Shank Drills - Blue (Imperial)

Reduced Shank Drills - Blue (Metric)

Spade Bits

Spot Weld Drills

Spotting Drills

Step Drills

Stub Drills - Blue Split Point (Imperial)

Stub Drills - Blue Split Point (Metric)

Stub Drills - Blue Split Point (Number)

Taper Shank Drills (Imperial)

Taper Shank Drills (Metric)

Taper Shank Sleeves

High Speed Steel Cutters


M2 - Metric

High Speed Steel Cutters - Speciality

Chassis Cutters - Imperial

Rail Cutters - Metric

Titanium Carbo Nitrite (Ticn) - Metric

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

High Speed Steel Cutters Sets



Carbide Tipped Holesaws

Downlight Cutters

Hole Saw Kits

Holesaw - Sets

Holesaws - Accessories

Holesaws - Arbor

Holesaws - Bimetal

Holesaws - Blu Mol

Holesaws - Blu Mol Kits

Holesaws - Carbide Grit

Holesaws - Carbide Tipped

Holesaws - Diamond Grit

Holesaws - Kits

Holesaws - PowerHex

Holesaws - Remgrit

Holesaws - Sets

Holesaws - Straight 6 Pitch Bi-Metal

Holesaws - Tungsten Carbide Tipped

Holesaws - Variable Pitch Bi-Metal

Holesaws - Varipitch


Masonry Holesaw -Core Bits

Pilot Drills - Holesaw

XP Sheetmetal Holesaws

KC Tools Products

KC Pro-Am Range

Milling Cutters

Ball Nose Slot Drills Long Series Plain Metric

Ball Nose Slot Drills Long Series Threaded Metric

Ball Nose Slot Drills Short Series Plain Metric

Ball Nose Slot Drills Short Series Threaded Metric

End Mills Long Series Plain Metric

End Mills Long Series Threaded Imperial

End Mills Long Series Threaded Metric

End Mills Short Series Plain Metric

End Mills Short Series Threaded Imperial

End Mills Short Series Threaded Metric

Multimills Long Series Threaded Metric

Multimills Short Series Threaded Metric

Slot Drills Long Series Threaded Imperial

Slot Drills Plain Long Series Plain Metric

Slot Drills Plain Long Series Threaded Metric

Slot Drills Plain Short Series Metric

Slot Drills Short Series Metric

Slot Drills Short Series Threaded Imperial

Pilot Drills


Chucking Reamers - Imperial

Chucking Reamers - Metric

Hand Reamers - Imperial

Hand Reamers - Metric

Hand Taper Pin Reamers - Imperial

Hand Taper Pin Reamers - Metric

MTS Machine Reamers - Imperial

MTS Machine Reamers - Metric

Screw Extractor Set

Screw Extractors

Screw Extractors - Sets

Screw Extractors - with Drill

Slugger - High Speed Steel Cutters

Spade Bits

Flat Spade Bits

Tap and Die Holders

Die Holders

Tap Wrenches Bar Pattern

Tap Wrenches Tee Pattern

Tap and Die Sets

Taps - Hand

Carbon Hand Tap Conduit

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - BSPT

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - NPS

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - NPT

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming - UNF

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming NPS

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming NPT

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Bottoming UNF

Carbon Hand Taps BSF - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps BSPF - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps BSW - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate - BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate - BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate - BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate - UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate - UNF

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Intermediate UNF

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Bottoming

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Bottoming Coarse

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Bottoming Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Coarse - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Coarse Intermediate

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Fine Intermediate

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Fine - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Fine Bottoming

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Fine Intermediate

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Fine Taper

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Intermediate Coarse

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Intermediate Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Taper Coarse

Carbon Hand Taps Metric Taper Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Bottoming

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Bottoming Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Intermediate

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Intermediate Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Taper

Carbon Hand Taps Spark Plug Taper Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Taper - BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Taper - BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Taper - BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Taper - UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Taper - UNF

Carbon Hand Taps Taper BSF

Carbon Hand Taps Taper BSPF

Carbon Hand Taps Taper BSW

Carbon Hand Taps Taper Spark Plug Fine

Carbon Hand Taps Taper UNC

Carbon Hand Taps Taper UNF

Carbon Hand Taps UNC - Sets

Carbon Hand Taps UNF - Sets

Taps - HSGT

Gun Nose HSS Taps BSW

Gun Nose HSS Taps Metric Coarse

Gun Nose HSS Taps Metric Fine

Gun Nose HSS Taps UNC

Gun Nose HSS Taps UNF

HSGT Tap - Sets

HSGT Tap BA - Sets

HSGT Tap Brass - Sets

HSGT Tap BSF - Sets

HSGT Tap BSPF - Sets

HSGT Tap Sets BSW - Sets

HSGT Tap Sets Metric Fine

HSGT Tap Sets Spark Plug

HSGT Tap UNC - Sets

HSGT Tap UNF - Sets

HSGT Taps Bottoming BA

HSGT Taps Bottoming Brass

HSGT Taps Bottoming BSF

HSGT Taps Bottoming BSPF

HSGT Taps Bottoming BSPT

HSGT Taps Bottoming BSW

HSGT Taps Bottoming NPT

HSGT Taps Bottoming UNC

HSGT Taps Bottoming UNF

HSGT Taps Conduit

HSGT Taps Intermediate BA

HSGT Taps Intermediate Brass

HSGT Taps Intermediate BSF

HSGT Taps Intermediate BSPF

HSGT Taps Intermediate BSW

HSGT Taps Intermediate UNC

HSGT Taps Intermediate UNF

HSGT Taps Metric Bottoming Coarse

HSGT Taps Metric Coarse - Sets

HSGT Taps Metric Fine

HSGT Taps Metric Intermediate Coarse

HSGT Taps Metric Taper Coarse

HSGT Taps Spark Plug

HSGT Taps Taper BA

HSGT Taps Taper Brass

HSGT Taps Taper BSF

HSGT Taps Taper BSPF

HSGT Taps Taper BSW

HSGT Taps Taper UNC

HSGT Taps Taper UNF

Spiral Flute HSS Taps BSW

Spiral Flute HSS Taps Metric Coarse

Spiral Flute HSS Taps Metric Fine

Spiral Flute HSS Taps UNC

Spiral Flute HSS Taps UNF

Tool Bits

Cobalt Round Imperial

Cobalt Square Imperial

HSS Round Imperial

HSS Square Imperial

Parting Off Blades

Tool Bits - Round Metric

Tool Bits - Square Metric

Wood Hole Cutters

Tools - Hand


Accessories & Spare Parts


Bags & Pouches

Knife Holsters




Crow Bars

Fencing Bars

Inserts - Soft Jaw

Plumb Tradesmen's Bars

Pry Bars

Ripping Bars

Torsion Bars (Metric)


Wrecking Bars


Bramley - Bar Benders

Bramley - Pipe Benders

Bramley - Rod Benders

Bramley - Tube Benders

Pipe Benders

Super Ego - Pipe Benders

Super Ego - Tube Benders


Hardwood Bevels

Plastic Bevels

Sliding Bevels


Bit Holders

Bit Holders - Quick Release

Desoutter Bits - Phillips

Double End Bits - Phillips

Double End Bits - Pozi Drive

Double End Bits - Pozidrive

Drywall Bits

Extended Power Bits

Insert Bits - Hex

Insert Bits - Phillips

Insert Bits - Pin Drive

Insert Bits - Pozidrive

Insert Bits - Screwdriver

Insert Bits - Slotted

Insert Bits - Square Recess

Insert Bits - Torx

Insert Bits - Tri-Wing


Power Bits - Phillips

Power Bits - Pozidrive

Power Bits - Slotted

Power Bits - Square Recess

Ribbed Insert Bits

Screw Driver Bits

Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver Bits - Sets

Xcelite Nutdriver Sets

Xcelite Nutdrivers


Blades - Hacksaws

Blades - Knives

Blades - Lenox

Blades - Nicholson

Blades - Sheffield Blades

Hacksaw Blades - Bahco

Hacksaw Blades - Bordo

Hacksaw Blades - Lenox

Hacksaw Blades - Stanley

Hacksaw Blades - Starrett

Trimming Blades



Brick Bolsters

Bolt Cutters

Cutters - Bolt Cutters


Bit Braces

Brass Drift

Cable Ties


Digital Calipers

Carpet Cutters

Seam Rollers


Cold Chisel Sets


Bahco - Chisel - Best

Bahco - Chisel - Better

Bahco - Chisel - Good

Bahco - Chisel - Sets

Bahco - Red Handle

Cold Chisel Sets

Cold Chisels - Finkal

Cooper Tools - Wood Chisels

Dawn Tools - Ripping

Irwin - Bevel Edge Chisels

Sidchrome - Cold Chisels

Stanley - Firmer Chisels

Stanley - Wood Chisels - Bevelled Blade

Stanley - Wood Chisels - Long Bevelled Blade



AirHyd Straight-Line Clamps

Angle Clamps

Body Clamps

C Clamps

Carver Bar Clamps

Carver Buttress Clamps

Carver Rack Clamps

Carver T - Slot Clamps

Clamps & Spreaders - Dual Purpose Sash

Clamps - Systems

Composite Clamps

Edge Clamps

Ehoma - Accessories & Parts

Ehoma - Beam Clamp - T-Spindle

Ehoma - C Clamps

Ehoma - Cantilever Clamps

Ehoma - General Duty - Pivot Handle

Ehoma - General Duty - T- Spindle

Ehoma - Heavy Dyty - Chargeable Clamping Heads

Ehoma - Kits

Ehoma - Machine Bench Clamps

Ehoma - Quick Action Beam Clamps

Ehoma - Quick Action Lever Clamps

F Clamps

G Clamps

Gluing Clamps

Heavy Duty Hold Down Clamps

Hi-Force - T-Spindle

Hold-Down Clamps

Hose Clamps

Hyd Clamps


Locking Welding Clamps

Machine Clamps

Parallel Action Clamp

Pneumatic Clamps

Powergrip Clamps

Pull Clamps

Pull Down Clamps

Quick Action Clamps

Sash Clamps



Spring Clamps

Squeeze Clamps

Straight-Line Clamps

Straight-Line Clamps- Square Rod

T Bar Clamps

Toggle Clamps

Uni Clamps


Cramp Kits

Cramps - Kits

Cramps - T Bar (Aluminium)

T Bar Steel Bar Cramps



Cable Cutters

Electrical CableCutters

Graphic Art Cutters

Mat Cutters

Multi Purpose Cutters

Pipe Cutters

Roller Cutters

Super Ego - Pipe Cutters

Super Ego - Tube Cutters

Tube Cutters

Wire Cutters


Super Ego - Deburrers


Grinding Wheel Dressers


Hand Drills


Super Ego - Tube Expanders


3 Square 2nd Cut

3 Square Bastard

3 Square Smooth

Angle Lathe


Chainsaw Files

Diamond Files

File Sets

Files (carded)

Flat Bastard

Flat 2nd Cut

Flat Aluminium

Flat Bastard

Flat Oberg

Flat Smooth

Half Round 2nd Cut

Half Round Bastard

Half Round Smooth

Hand 2nd Cut

Hand Bastard

Hand Smooth


Horse Rasp

Magi Flat

Mill Saw

Mill Saw Bastard

Needle Files

Round 2nd Cut

Round Bastard

Round Smooth

Square 2nd Cut

Square Bastard

Square Smooth

Taper Files (Extra Slim)

Taper Files (Regular)

Taper Files (Slim)

Three Square 2nd Cut

Three Square Bastard

Three Square Smooth

Warding 2nd Cut

Warding Bastard

Warding Smooth

Wood Rasp Files

Flaring Tools

Super Ego - Flaring Tools

Garden Tools


Bow Saws



Folding Saws







Mini Garden Tools



Post Hole Diggers

Post Hole Pincers
















Blow Guns

Caulking Air Guns

Caulking Guns

Glue Gun Kits

Glue Guns

Grease Guns

Heat Gun Kits


Ball Pein Hammers

Brick Hammers

Carpenters Hammers

Claw Hammers

Club Hammers

Dead Blow Hammers

Sledge Hammers

Sledge Hammers - Complete

Sledge Hammers - Head Only

Soft Face Hammers

Soft Face Hammers - Spares

Spalling Hammers

Steel Hammers

Toolmakers Hammer

Warrington Hammers

Hand Shears

Bramley - Hand Shears


Sledge Hammer Handles



KC Tools Products

KC Impacta Range

KC Pro-Am Range

KC Stack-On Range

KC Suntech Range

KC Tools Range

Z-Tech Range


Allen Keys - Sets

Allen Keys - Sets Fold Up

Allen Keys - Sets Long Series (AF)

Allen Keys - Sets Long Series (Metric)

Allen Keys - Sets Short Series (AF)

Allen Keys - Sets Short Series (Metric)

Allen Keys - Short Series (AF)


Hex Keys - Sets T Handle (AF)

Hex Keys - Sets T Handle (Metric)

Hex Keys - T Handle Ball Point

Hex Keys - T Handle Ball Point - Sets

Key Hex Ball - Long (Met)

Key Hex Ball - Long Sets (Met)

Key Hex Ball Point - Long (AF)

Key Hex Ball Point Sets - Long (AF)

Key Hex Balldriver - Handled (AF)

Key Hex Balldriver - Handled (Met)

Key Hex Foldup Sets (AF)

Key Hex Foldup Sets (Metric)

Key Hex L Long (Metric)

Key Hex L Sets (AF)

Key Hex L Sets (Metric)

Key Hex L Short (AF)

Key Hex L Short (Metric)

Key Hex L Torx

Key Hex T (AF)

Key Hex T (Metric)

Key Hex T Long (AF)

Key Hex T Long (Metric)

Key Hex T Sets (AF)

Key Hex T Sets (Metric)

Key Hex T Short (AF)

Key Hex T Short (Metric)

Keys - Torx

Torx Sets


Sharpening Kits


Carpet Knives

Fixed Knives

Knives - Mini Kives

Knives - Utility

Knives - Utility Knives

Martindale Knives

Mini Knives

Pocket Knives

Retractable Knives

Retractable Utility Knives

Safety Knives

Snap Blades

Special Purpose Knives

Utility Knives

Utility Knives - Heavy Duty

Utility Knives - Hidden Edge


Laser Tools

Laser Tripods


Aluminium Levels

Automatic Levels

Baleno Bubble Levels

Box Section Levels

Digital Levels

Fat Max Levels

I Beam Levels

Laser Levels

Laser Tools

Line Levels

Sola Levels

Spirit Levels

Torpedo Levels


Chalk Line Reels

Chalk Line Reels - Refills

Chalk Line Reels - Sets



Rubber Malletts

Mitre Boxes

Multi Tool



Bench Planes

Block Planes

Rebate Planes

Replacement Irons - Bench Plane

Replacement Irons - Block Plane

Replacement Irons - Special Purpose Plane



Battery Nut Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

Cable Cutters

Circlip Pliers

Clamp Pliers

Combination Pliers

Concrete Nippers

Cutting Pliers

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Diamond Nippers

Dura Pliers

Electronic C Pliers

Electronic P Pliers

Electronic Pliers

Electronic S Pliers

Electronic Wire Strippers

Electronics Pliers

End Cutting Pliers

End Nipper Pliers

Ergonomic Pliers

Eyelet Pliers

Fatmax Pliers

Fence Tools

Fixed Joint Pliers

Griplock Pliers

Gripping Pliers

High Leverage Pliers

High Voltage Pliers

Hose Pinch Off

Lock Grip Pliers

Lock Ring Pliers

Locking Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Long Reach Pliers

Maxigrip Pliers

Mini Pliers

Multi Grip Pliers

Multigrip Pliers

Oil Filter Pliers


Pipe Wrenches

Plier - Sets

Pliers sets


Ring Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Slip Joint Pliers

Slipjoint Pliers

Snap Ring Pliers

Spark Plug Pliers

Super Ego - Concretors Nippers

Super Ego - Multigrip Pliers

Super Ego - Self Adjusting Pliers

Tongue|Groove Pliers

Waterpump Pliers

Wire Strippers

Wire Stripping Pliers

Wiring Pliers

Plumb Bobs

Pressure Test Pumps

Super Ego - Pressure Test Pumps

Pry Bar


Gear Pullers


Bramley - Bench Punches

Bramley - Sheetmetal Chassis Punches

Centre Punch - Sets

Centre Punch Sets

Centre Punches

Combination Pin Punch - Sets

Combination Punch - Set

Combination Punch - Sets

Drift Punch - Sets

Drift Punches

Drift Sets

Hollow Punch - Sets

Hollow Punches

Leather Punches

Long Pin Punch - Sets

Long Series Pin Punches

Nail Punch - Sets

Nail Punches

Nail Sets

Pin Punches


Short Pin Punch - Sets

Short Pin Punches

Steel Stamp Sets

Ticket Punches

Wad Punches


1|2" Drive

3|4" Drive

3|8" Drive

3|8" Drive - Accessories


Combination Ratcheting Wrench Sets

Ratchet - Accessories

Ratchet Podger Bars

Ratchets - Sets

Repair Kits

Scaffolding Podger Bars

Reciprocating Pipe Saw

Asada - Pipe Saws


Hand Riveters


Lazy Tong


Aluminium Rules

Folding Rules

Precision Steel Rules

Safety Rules

Stainless Steel Rulers

Stainless Steel Rules



Saws - Backsaws

Saws - Compass

Saws - Compass Saws

Saws - Concrete Saws

Saws - Coping Saws

Saws - Folding Saws

Saws - Glides

Saws - Hacksaws

Saws - Hacksaws (Bi Metal)

Saws - Hacksaws (Frames)

Saws - Hacksaws (Greenstripe)

Saws - Hacksaws (Redstripe)

Saws - Handsaws

Saws - Laminator

Saws - Panel

Saws - PVC Saws

Saws - Rod Saws

Saws - Special Purpose

Saws - Tenon

Saws - Veneer Saws



Blades - Replacement Blades

Carbide Scrapers

Paint Scrapers


Window Scrapers


Cushion Grip Screwdrivers - Phillips

Cushion Grip Screwdrivers - Slotted


Ergonomic - Phillips

Ergonomic - Slotted

Impact Screwdrivers


Offset Screwdrivers

Phillips VDE

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers - Insulated

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers - Phillips

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers - Pozi Drive

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers - Slotted Square Blade

Plastic Handled Screwdrivers - Standard Tip


Pozidrive VDE


Screwdriver - Sets

Screwdriver Sets - Plastic

Screwdrivers - Phillips Head


Slotted Screwdrivers

Slotted VDE Screwdrivers


Wrecking Bars

XCELITE Screwdrivers


Carbide Scribers



Ehoma - Plate & Bar Shears

Super Ego - Pipe Shears


Snips - Aviation

Snips - Gardening


Sockets & Socket Accessories

1 1" Drive

1 1|2" Drive

1 3|4" Drive

1" Drive

1" Drive (AF)

1" Drive Extensions

1" Drive Inhex (Metric)

1" Drive Socket Pin

1" Drive Universal Joints

1-1|2" Drive Extensions

1-1|2" Drive Universal Joints

1-1|2"" Drive Extensions

1|2 1|2 Drive

1|2 Drive Universal Joints

1|2" Drive

1|2" Drive - Sets

1|2" Drive Deep (AF)

1|2" Drive Deep Reach

1|2" Drive Deep Reach - Sets

1|2" Drive Extensions

1|2" Drive Inhex

1|2" Drive Inhex (Metric)

1|2" Drive Inhex - Sets

1|2" Drive Inhex Spline

1|2" Drive Sets

1|2" Drive Spline Long (Metric)

1|2" Drive Torx

1|2" Drive Universal Joints

1|2" Extensions

1|2" Screwdriver Torx

1|2" Torx

1|2" Universal Joints

1|4 & 1|2" Drive - Sets

1|4 & 3|8" Drive - Sets

1|4" Drive

1|4" Drive - Accessories

1|4" Drive - Sets

1|4" Drive Deep Reach

1|4" Drive Extensions

1|4" Drive Torx

1|4" Drive Universal

1|4" Extensions

1|4" Universal Joints

1|4" Wobble Extensions

2 3|4" Drive

2-1|2" Drive Extensions

2-1|2" Drive Universal Joints

3|4" Drive

3|4" Drive - Sets

3|4" Drive Deep (AF)

3|4" Drive Deep (Metric)

3|4" Drive Extensions

3|4" Drive Imapct Inhex

3|4" Drive Inhex (Metric)

3|4" Drive Socket O-Rings

3|4" Drive Socket Pins

3|4" Drive Universal Joints

3|8" Drive

3|8" Drive - Sets

3|8" Drive Deep Reach

3|8" Drive Deep Reach - Sets

3|8" Drive Extensions

3|8" Drive Inhex (AF)

3|8" Drive Inhex (Metric)

3|8" Drive Torx

3|8" Drive Torx Tamper Proof

3|8" Drive Universal Joints

3|8" Extensions

3|8" Torx

3|8" Universal Joints

3|8" Wobble Extensions

ABW Socket O-Rings

ABW Socket Retaining Pins


Combination Wrench - Sets


Kincrome - Adaptors

Kincrome - Carded Products

Kincrome - Deep Sockets

Kincrome - Extension Combination

Kincrome - Extensions

Kincrome - Impact Sockets

Kincrome - Quik Release Bar - Sets

Kincrome - Ratchet Repair

Kincrome - Ratchets

Kincrome - Socket Clip Rail

Kincrome - Socket Sets

Kincrome - Socket Sets (Chrome Tech)

Kincrome - Socket Sets (Supatool)

Kincrome - Socket Sets (Torx)

Kincrome - Sockets

Kincrome - Sockets (Supatool)

Kincrome - Sockets Carded

Kincrome - Sockets Carded (Supatool)

Kincrome - Speed Braces

Kincrome - Supatool

Kincrome - Switches

Kincrome - Wobble Bars

Magnetic Sockets

Nut Splitters

Socket - Sets

Socket Box

Sockets Sets

Spintite (Metric)

Swivel Head Spanner

Wobble Extension - Sets

Soldering Irons

Soldering Gun Kits

Soldering Stands


Accessories - Podger

Combination Spanners

Combination Spanners (Sets)

Combination Spanners - Sets

Combination Spannes - Sets

Double Ring - Sets

Flare Nut Spanner - Sets

Flare Nut Spanners - AF

Flare Nut Spanners - Metric

Flare Nut Spanners - Sets

Flexible Gear Spanners

Half Moon Spanners

Hook Spanners

Ignition Spanners - Sets

Kincrome - (Chrome Tech)

Kincrome - Carded Products

Magnetic Base

Open End Spanners

Open End Spanners - AF

Open End Spanners - Metric

Open End Spanners - Sets

Open Ended Spanners - Sets

Pin Spanners

Podger Ratchet Spanners - Metric

Podger Ring Spanners

Ring & Open End Spanner - Sets

Ring & Open End Spanners

Ring & Open End Spanners - AF

Ring & Open End Spanners - Metric

Ring Spanners

Ring Spanners - AF

Ring Spanners - Half Moon

Ring Spanners - Metric

Ring Spanners - Sets

Slogging Spanners (AF)

Slogging Spanners (Metric)

Spanner - Sets

Spanner Wallets

Spanners (Sets)

Supatool - Carded Products


Fully Adjustable Spokeshaves

Spokeshave Irons


Carpenters Squares

Combination Squares

Engineers Squares

Other Squares

Quick Squares

Rafter Squares

Try Squares


Straight Edges




Studpullers (AF)

Studpullers (Metric)

Surform Tools

Surform Blades

Tape Measures


Long Tapes - Fat Max

Long Tapes - Fibreglass Blade

Long Tapes - Steel Blade

Nicholson Measuring Tapes

Replacement Blades

Short Tapes - Fat Max

Short Tapes - Maxsteel Tapes

Short Tapes - Powerlock

Short Tapes - Stanley Yellow


Tape Replacement Blades

Universal Tapes


Barricade Tapes

Dipping Tapes

Fibreglass Tape

Flagging Tapes

Steel Tapes

Tool Boxes, Cabinets, Chests, Kits, Sets & Trolleys

1-11 - Aluminium Truck Boxes

1-11 - Cantilever Boxes

1-11 - Galvanised Boxes

1-11 - Garage Creepers

1-11 - Sidetables

1-11 - Steel Site Boxes

1-11 - Steel Truck Boxes

1-11 - Superwide Tool Chests & Trolleys

1-11 - Tool Chests

1-11 - Tool Trolleys

1-11 - Workshop Storage Solutions


Aluminium Truck Boxes

Drawer Liners

Kincrome - Insert Trays

Kincrome - Tool Chests

Kincrome - Tool Kits

Kincrome - Tools Bags

Kincrome - Tools Bags Supatool)

Kincrome - Tools Chests

Kincrome - Tools Kits

Kincrome - Tools Kits (Supatool)

Kincrome - Tools Only

Kincrome - Tools Sets

Kincrome - Wall Cabinets

Kincrome - Wall Cabinets (Supatool)

Kincrome - Workshops

Tool Boxes

Tool Cabinets

Tool Chests

Tool Kits

Tool Sets

Tools Sets

Torches - Gas



Cementing Trowels

London Pattern Trowels

Notched Spreading Trowels

Plasterers Small Tools

Plasterers Trowels

Stair Tool | Bolster


Electronic Tweezers

Tweezers - Stainless Steel

Tweezers - XCELITE



Accessories - Bases)

Accessories - Jaws & Bolts

Accessories - Jaws & Screws

Accessories - Nuts

Accessories - Screw Handles

Accessories - Tongues

Accessories - Trigger Springs

Accessories - Washers Pins & Springs

Carver Machine


Drill Press


Engineers - Slide


Forged Steel


Magnetic Soft Jaws

Offset Vices

Pipe Vices

Precision Machine & Milling

Precision Sine

Quick Action Vices

Shop Range


Tool Makers Vices

Woodwork Vices


Timber Wedges


Welding Equipment


Wire Brushes

Bevel Brushes

Bevelled Twist Knot Brushes

Bevelled Twist Knot Brushes (stainless steel)

Boiler Tubes

Circular Wire Wheels

Circular Wire Wheels (Brass Coated)

Condenser Tubes

Crimp Cup Brushes

Crimp Cup Brushes (Shank)

Crimped Wire Brushes

Decarbonising Brushes

Hand Brushes

Handwire Brushes


Nylon Grit Wire Brushes


Rotary Brushes

Section Brushes

Tapered Bores

Twist Knot Bevel Brushes

Twist Knot Cup Brushes

Twist Knot Cup Wire Brushes

Twist Knot Cup Wire Brushes - Skirted

Twist Knot Cup Wire Brushes - Stainless Steel

Twist Knot Pipeline Brushes

Twist Knot Pipeline Brushes - Stainless Steel

Twist Knot Pipeline Brushes Stainless Steel

Twist Knot Pipeline Wheel Brushes

Twist Knot Wheel Brushes


Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable Wrenches - Black

Adjustable Wrenches - Chrome

Adjustable Wrenches - Cushion Grip

Clamp Wrenches

Combination Wrench - Sets

Combination Wrenches

Flat Wrenches

Flat Wrenches - Sets

Gear Wrenches

Gear Wrenches - AF

Gear Wrenches - Flexible

Gear Wrenches - Sets

Gear Wrenches - Stubby

Gear Wrenches Stubby - AF

Hex Key Wrench

Irega - Adjustable Wrenches

Offset Wrenches

Oil Filter Wrenches

Pipe Wrenches

Pipe Wrenches - Rigid Pattern

Ratchet Podgers

Ratchet Wrenches

Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrenches

Reversible Ratcheting Wrench - Sets



Short Combination Wrenches

Short Combination Wrenches - Sets

Spark Plug Wrenches


Sump Plug Wrenches

Super Ego - Chain Wrenches

Super Ego - Pipe Wrenches

Super Ego - Strap Wrenches

T Type

T-Handle Tap Wrenches

Tap Wrenches

Torque Wrenches

Tools - Power & Cordless




Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saws

Blades - Demolition

Blades - Jigsaw

Blades - Jigsaw Blades - T Shank

Blades - Reciprocating

Hacksaw Blades

King-Cut Reciprocating Saw Blades

Plaster Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Scroll Reciprocating Saw Blades

Tapered Reciprocating Saw Blades


Angle Drill

Angle Grinder - 100mm (4")

Angle Grinder - 115mm (4.5")

Angle Grinder - 125mm (5")

Angle Grinder - 180mm (7")

Angle Grinder - 230mm (9")

Cordless Tools - Drill|Driver

Cordless Tools - Impact

Cordless Tools - Impact Drills

Cordless Tools - Jigsaws

Cordless Tools - Kits

Cordless Tools - Planner

Cordless Tools - Rotary Hammers

Cordless Tools - Saws

Cordless Tools -Angle Grinders

Cordless Tools -Jigsaws

Cordless Tools -Kits

Demolition Hammer


Dust Extraction

Foam Cutter


Impact Drills

Impact Wrenches


Marble|Wet Cutters




Rotary Hammer

Rotary Hammer (Air)



Saw - Sabre

Saw - Table


Saws - Metal Cut off

Saws -Mitre





Angle Grinders

Band Saws

Battery & Charger Combinations



Circular Saws

Cordless Tools

Cut Off Machines


Demolition Hammers

Die Grinders

Disc Cutters


Impact Wrenches


Laminate Trimmers

Mitre Saws




Reciprocating Saws





Straight Grinders

Torch Lights



Impact Wrench

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Digital Tachometers

Industrial Tool & Machinery - Machines

Rotary Milling Cutter


Angle Drills

Angle Grinders

Belt Sanders

Bench Grinders


Circular Saws

Cordless Tools

Cut Off Saws

Demolition Hammer

Diamond Cutters

Disc Grinders


Dust Collectors

Groover Cutters

Hammer Drills

Impact Wrenches


Laminate Trimmers

Metal Cutters

Mitre Saws



Nail Guns


Orbital Sanders

Other Grinders


Reciprocating Saws

Rod Cutters

Rotary Hammer Drills




Screwdrivers - Auto Feed


Slide Compound Saws

Ultrasonic Measures

Vacuum Cleaners

Wall Chasers


Angle Grinders

Band Saws


Circular Saws

Combination | Rotary Hammers

Compact Screwdrivers

Cordless Drill | Drivers

Cordless Kits Drill | Drivers

Die Grinders

Disc Sanders

Drills - Impact

Drills - Non-Impact

Dust Extractors


Heat Guns

Hedge Trimmers

Jig Saws


Multi Hammers

Paint Stirrers | Agitators

Paint Stripper


Planers | Thicknessers



Sabre Saws


Shears & Nibblers

Sheet Sanders

Site Saws

Slide Compound Mitre Saws

Sortimo Cases

Table Saws


Triangular Sanders

Wall Chasers

Scorpion - Compressors

Petrol Compressors

Scorpion - Pressure Washers

Series 6 - Accessories

Scorpion - Workstations

Screw Driver

Tools - Precision




Combination Depth


Shock Absorbing Anvils



Combination Bevels

Universal Bevels


Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades (Starrett)

Blades - Jigsaw

Blades - Knives

Gladiator Blades

Hacksaw Blades

Hacksaw Blades - Starrett

Jigsaw Blades

Screw Slotting Blades


Angle Blocks

Bench Blocks

V Blocks



Dial Calipers

Electronic Digital Calipers

Extra Caliper Points

Firm-Joint Calipers

Gear Tooth Vernier Calipers

Hermaphrodite Calipers

Inside Calipers

Inside Thread Calipers

Internal Dial Caliper Gauges

Lock-Joint Caliper

Outside Calipers

Outside Thread Calipers

Pocket Slide Calipers

Rolling Mill Caliper Gauges

Spring Calipers

Spring-Type Caliper

Vernier Calipers


(holds Gauges | Master)

Micrometer Cases

Padded Cases

Wood Cases

Chalk Reels


Irwin Chalks


A Clamps

Rule Clamps

Shaft Alignment Clamps

Toolmakers Parallel Clamps

Toolmakers Steel Clamps

Combination Sets

Cast Iron


Dial Comparators

Data Collectors

Dial Indicators


Carpenters Dividers

Extension Dividers

Firm Joint Dividers


Standard Letter Size Drills


End Measures


Edge Finders


Angle Gauges

Angular Gauges

Auto Disc Brake Indicator Gauges

Center Gauges

Chalk Lines (Refills)

Circumference Gauges

Countersink Gauges

Cylinder Gauges

Depth Gauges

Dial Bench Gauges

Dial Bore Gauges

Dial Depth Gauges

Dial Height Gauges

Dial Indicator Diameter Gauges

Dial Indicator Groove Gauges

Dial Indicator Pocket Gauges

Dial Indicator Snap Gauges

Dial Indicators Diameter Gauges

Dial Out-Of-Roundness Gauges

Dial Sheet Gauges

Dial Thickness Gauges

Digi-Chek Height Gauges

Drill And Steel Wire Gauges

Drill And Tap Gauges

Drill Point Gauges

Electronic Digital Depth Gauges

Electronic Digital Gauges

Electronic Digital Height Gauges

Electronic Gauges

External Chamfer Gauges

Full-Sized Surface Gauges

Height Gauges

Height Transfer Gauges


Hole Gauges

Inside Caliper Gauges

Inside Dial Caliper Gauges

Inside Dial Gauges

Internal Chamfer Gauges

Jobbers Drill Gauges

Master Vernier Height Gauges

Outside Dial Caliper Gauges

Piano Tuners Gauges

Planer and Shaper Gauges

Radius Gauges

Radius Gauges (Sets)

Saw Tension Gauges

Scratch Gauges

Screw Pitch Gauges

Small Surface Gauges

Stair Gauges

Steel Pin Gauges

Steel Wire Gauges

Strain Gauges

Taper Gauges

Telescopic Gauges Set

Telescoping Gauges

Thickness Gauges

Thickness Gauges (Stock)

Universal Precision Gauges

Vernier Depth Gauges

Vernier Height Gauges

Wire Gauges


Pistol Grips


Hold Downs


Leather Holsters




Basic Electronic Digital Indicators

Dial Indicator - Sets

Dial Indicator Jewelled

Dial Indicators

Dial Indicators - Jewelled

Dial Indicators Diameter Gauges

Dial Indicators Plain

Dial Test Indicators

Dial Test Indicators - Contact

Dial Test Indicators - with Stand

Electronic Digital Indicators

Electronic Indicators


Hole Attachments

Indicator Holders

Plus Electronic Digital Indicators

Speed Indicators

Test Indicators

Wisdom Electronic Indicators


Adjustable Utility Knives

Utility Knives - Hidden Edge

Laser Tools

Stud Finders



Automatic Levels

Bench Levels

Cross Test Levels

Engineers & Plumbers

Laser Aluminium Box-Beam

Laser Levels

Level Box Beams

Level Brass Bound Mahogany

Line | Surface Level

Machinist's Level

Master Precision

Pocket Levels


Torpedo Levels


Bricklayers Line

Chalk Line Reels

Chalk Lines

Chalk Lines (Reel Fast)

Chalk Lines (Refills)

Replacement Lines

Machine Scales

Electronic Digital Machine Scales


Magnetic Base

Magnetic Level

Measuring set


Anvil Micrometers

Auto Disc Brake Micrometers

Bench Micrometers

Blade Type Micrometers

Can Curl Micrometers

Crankshaft Micrometers

Digital Micometers

Digital Micrometers

Disc Type Micrometers

Electronic Digital Bench Micrometers

Electronic Digital Blade Type Micrometers

Electronic Digital Disc-Type Micrometers

Electronic Digital Micrometers

Electronic Digital Micrometers - Sets

Electronic Digital Multi-Anvil Micrometers


Fixed Range Inside Micrometer

Groove Micrometers

Hi-Precision Micrometers

Hub Micrometers

Indicator Testers

Inside Micrometers

Inside Micrometers - Sets

Inspectors Micrometer | Calipers

Internal Groove Micrometers

Internal-External Setting Micrometers

Large Micrometer Heads

Micometer Sets

Micrometer Ball Attachments

Micrometer Cases

Micrometer Heads

Micrometer Sets

Mul-T-Anvil Micrometers

Outside Micrometers

Paper Gauges Micrometers

Quick Adjusting Micrometers

Screw Thread Micrometers

Sheet Metal Micrometers

Stainless Steel Micrometers

Steel Mill Micrometers

Tube Micrometers

Tubular Bow Type Micrometers

Tubular Inside Micrometers

U Type Micrometers

Wire Micrometers


Mitutoyo - Dial Calipers

Mitutoyo - Dial Indicators

Mitutoyo - Digimatic Calipers

Mitutoyo - Digimatic Micrometers

Mitutoyo - Gauges

Mitutoyo - Outside Micrometers

Mitutoyo - Vernier Calipers

Nail Sets


Cut Nippers


Adjustable Parallels

Steel Parallel - Pair

Steel Parallel - Sets



Steel Parallel - Pair

Plumb Bobs

Solid Brass Plumb Bobs

Steel Plumb Bobs


Remote Display Probes

Wisdom Probes


Bevel Protractors

Steel Protractors

Vernier Protractors


Automatic Center Punches

Center Punches

Centre Punches

Drive Pin Punches

Drive Pin Punches (Set)

Prick Punches


End Measuring Rods

Levelling Rods

Survey Rods


Carpenter's Folding Rules

Folding Rules


Stainless Steel

Steel General Utility Rules

Steel Rules

Steel Rules (Depth Gauges)

Steel Rules (Heavy Spring)

Wood Folding Rules


Eyeglass Screwdrivers

Jewellers Screwdrivers

Opticians Screwdrivers

Pocket Screwdrivers

Precision Screwdrivers


Adjustable Sleeve Scribers

Offset Scriber

Pocket Scribers

Sidchrome Products


Gauges Calibration Software

Gauges Link Software


Combination Sqaures

Combination Squares

Combination Squares - Cast Iron

Diemakers Squares

Double Squares

Junior Combination Squares

Precision Squares

Rafter Square

Rafter Squares


Try Squares


Starrett - Combination Sets

Starrett - Depth Micrometers

Starrett - Dial Calipers - 1200 Series

Starrett - Dial Indicators

Starrett - Electronic Digital Calipers

Starrett - Inside Micrometers

Starrett - Long Jaw Calipers - Fine Adjustment

Starrett - Magnetic Base

Starrett - Outside Anvil Micrometers

Starrett - Outside Micrometers

Starrett - Telescopic Gauges

Starrett - Test Indicators

Starrett - Vernier Calipers - 125 Series

Starrett - Vernier Calipers - Fine Adjustment

Straight Edges

Flat Aluminium Straight Edges


Aluminium T-Squares



Chalk Tapes


Dipping Tapes

Fiberglass Tape (Open Reel)

Oil Gaging Tape

Oil Gaging Tapes

Replacement Tape Lines

Steel Long-Life Tapes

Tru-Lok Tapes


Hardness Testers

Tool Chests

Tool Sets

Electronic Tool | Data Collection

Electronic Tool Sets

Tool Sets & Kits


Builders Combination Tools

Tools Sets



Vernier Calipers



Digital Battery



Double End Pin Vices

Hand Vices

Pin Vices


Measuring Wheels